Channel Control Merchants, LLC (CCM) is a diversified secondary market products company headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

We and our predecessor companies have been in business for over 25 years and specialize in providing unique and industry leading services to U.S. and international companies with regard to the at-risk management and resale of secondary market inventories.

Secondary market inventories are purchased and sold through one or more of our distribution outlets. This includes over 50 retail stores in three states, a wholesale division and an online sales division.

We are market leaders in the following business segments:

  • Insurance Salvage: CCM is the largest buyer in the U.S. of consumer inventories that have been affected by insurable events of loss. Working closely with insurance companies and insureds, we provide on-the-ground pack-up services for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of consumer products. We have managed events of loss for all Fortune 500 retail companies and possess the flexibility to handle small losses as well as catastrophic loss resulting from earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Customer Returns: CCM is also the largest reseller of customer return and store-level marked-out-of-stock (MOS) inventories in the U.S. We represent many Fortune 500 retailers in the weekly management of their customer return and MOS inventories as well as provide both domestic and international disposition alternatives.
  • International Brand Control: CCM is a pioneer and market leader in providing international at-risk disposition services to brand owners of consumer products. We work with brand owners to provide worldwide management of their secondary market inventories. With brand owner oversight, we purchase factory overstock, cancelled orders and non-first quality inventories from manufacturers and distributors in foreign jurisdictions. These inventories are shipped to our Foreign Trade Zone in Mississippi and we then transship them to retail operators in approved countries throughout the world. We do not sell to wholesalers – this enables brand owners to know where their secondary market inventories are being resold at all times.

In each of our business segments we have an unparalleled reputation for service and for ensuring that resale restrictions are vigorously enforced.